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Chia Farming Tutorial

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Chia Farming Tutorial

This post will explain how to build and start your own Chia farm, as well as introduce you to the concept of Chia farming.

We’ll go over the basics of setting up a simple farm, as well as briefly go over the various types of keys and which ones you can and should share, as well as which ones you should never share.

Enjoy the read, and stay tuned for future articles and in-depth explorations of a variety of topics.

What is Chia farming?

Chia is all about proof of space and time and farming plays a crucial role in providing storage to the Chia network.

To be more specific, farming is the act of supplying storage space to the Chia network by storing so-called plots and keeping them online at all times in exchange for Chia coins.

Every 18.75 seconds, all active plots participate in a network-wide raffle in which each plot has the same chance of earning 2 Chia(1.75 after fees) coins. The winning plot forms a so-called block, demonstrating that the entire blockchain is operational. 

Farmers are an important component of the Chia ecosystem, and they are the ones who put fresh Chia coins into circulation and approve blockchain blocks, so this payment structure incentivizes and compensates them for their efforts.

To put it plainly, there is no Chia blockchain without farmers.

A farmer must first install the Chia software on their computer and use it in conjunction with so-called Plots to begin farming for Chia.


The software will connect to the Chia blockchain after the download, which could take a few hours. You can begin farming your plots after the synchronisation is complete. 

Every plot that syncs with your Chia farm must be created with your own personal keys, or the rewards will be forfeited. These keys can be found using simple commands in the Chia software, and you should only ever share your Farmer Public Key and your Pool Public Key for OG plots and Pool Contract Address/Farmer Public Key for Portable plots

 as these are the only keys required to generate plots tailored to you. 


You will also require Hard Disk Drives (Internal/External). The largest consumer available size i.e. 18TB stores around 160 plots.

With this setup in place, you’re ready to start farming your plots.

If you decide to expand your farming activities, this setup can be scaled up easily.

What do you need to start farming Chia?





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