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Frequently Asked Questions

MacOS and Linux:

Use the following command to get your farmer public key and pool public key:

chia keys show | grep ‘Pool\|Farmer’

If you are using the GUI on MacOS, try the following command:

cd /Applications/ keys show


Follow these steps to get your keys on Windows:

1. Open the Command Prompt by going to Start and type cmd, then press Enter

2. Copy and paste this command into the line:

%APPDATA%/../Local/chia-blockchain/app-1.1.7/resources/app.asar.unpacked/daemon/chia.exe keys show

2.1. If you receive an error message on the first line you might be using a different version of the Chia software – to figure out which version you need, type the following:

cd %APPDATA%/../Local/chia-blockchain/ followed by dir

2.2. You should see a version number like app-1.0.5. or app-1.0.6 etc. and replace the version number in the command on line 2 and try again.

Generally speaking, sharing your public keys is safe. But there is a difference between public and private keys. Your private keys should never be shared. Your private keys protect your Chia, if you share those to anyone, that person can use your wallet to push transactions without your consent or knowledge.

Always take a close look at the website you are buying your plots from and research the team behind the company to make sure you are not running into a scam.

We need your public keys because by using your “Farmer Public Key” (farmer_pk) and “Pool Public Key” (pool_pk) in the plotting process, we are able to create plots specifically made for you.


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